Got Water In Your Life?

Perhaps it was not on our radar to ‘celebrate’ World Water Day today, since it’s not a publicly recognized holiday in the US.

Now that we know, let’s celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are privileged enough to simply turn on the faucet and have as much water as we want or need.

The United Nations’ (UN) annual focus on this precious resource aims to increase people’s awareness of the water’s importance in all aspects of life, advocating for sustainable management of freshwater.

Like facts?

Take a look at the FAQ’s that the UN – World Food Day has compiled.

World Water Day’s main symbol is the shape of a water drop in the UN’s color blue.

On a nutritional note…
Our bodies are about 60 – 70% water.
We get our water through food and beverages.
Count on about 20% of your food intake to meet your fluid needs, the rest from what you actually drink.

Pointers about best fluid choices:

-#1 Choice is water
– Choose mostly decaffeinated beverages, to reduce the diuretic effect
– Choose sugar-free beverages, to reduce extra empty calories
– Eat more fruits and veggies as they have a high percentage of water

How much water do I need?

Try this water calculator or the easy math formula below.
Take your body weight and divide by 2.2, to get the number of ounces you should drink.
I remain in a state of gratitude for my life and its many blessings, not the least of which is water.

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