Old habits are hard to break, especially in Matters of the Heart – Part 2: Leap into March!

Are you ready to Leap and Reprogram?

Let’s LEAP into March with a plan to successfully reprogram our unhealthy food habits!  Yes, you heard me right… reprogram!

After all, habits are only choices that we made a one point, then we continued to make the choices until they became a HABIT!

It doesn’t have to be a painful experience, but we do have to have the right attitude and be intentional about replacing food choices or habits that lead to disease, with habits that result in optimal health.

Get ready to:

– start reversing your heart disease or
– put some prevention into place

1. Go Mediterranean

Old habit – big piece of meat on half of your plate

New habit – 1/2 of your plate should be veggies (the other 2 sections:  lean protein and whole grains)

Old habit – red meat several times per week

New habit – focus on fish, chicken and one non-meat based dish per week, limit intake of red meat to once per week

Old habit – put salt in food while cooking and at the table

New habit – use herbs and spices, lemon, lime and vinegar instead

Old habit – use butter, eat fried foods

New habit – use olive oil and canola oil for cooking and flavoring; try oven frying meats and veggies

2. Move your body

Old habit – park as close as possible to destination

New habit – park as far away as possible from your destination

Old habit – take the elevator when possible

New habit – take the stairs when possible

Old habit – Relax on the couch after dinner and watch TV

New habit – go for a walk after dinner

Old habit – Make excuses about not having time to exercise

New habit – Walk in 15 minute intervals, 2-3 times per day

3. Get an accountability partner

Old habit – Complain that you “don’t feel good”, “are too tired”, “can’t lose weight”

New habit – Tell your accountability partner what you DID to improve your health

Now, show yourself a bit of love and start creating new habits that THIS time next year, will have you looking and feeling great from the inside out!

LEAP into March with a new plan and a new attitude about your health.  Let me know if I pegged you on any of the habits that I listed and what you’re going to do about it?

Ready to get started down the path to better health? Contact me today, it could change your life!